Regional Entrepreneurship Project

Iowa's West Coast Initiative is working to increase entrepreneurial activity in our region and has developed a regional strategic plan for entrepreneurship that is dedicated to creating and strengthening our region's:  

Supportive Culture

to foster entrepreneurial thinking and innovative endeavors, generate local support for individuals willing to pursue careers as small business owners, and emphasize local economic development strategies which maximize the potential of small business development. 

Networking Opportunities

to expand opportunities for entrepreneurs, at all stages and levels, to share best practices, mentor each other, consider collaboration and identify service needs within regions. 

Business & Technical Assistance

to enhance the system of counseling, training and services designed to provide professional development opportunities to small business owners and service providers. 

Capital Resources

 to ensure awareness of, and accessibility to, funding resources available in the regions as well as the filling of funding gaps at all levels of business development. 

The Regional Entrepreneurship Project is provided through a grant to UNI as part of the US Economic Development Administration University Program. UNI’s Business and Community Services has recently been designated as an EDA University Center and charged with assisting Iowa communities in developing and implementing strategic plans which focus on enhancing the support system for entrepreneurship development.  

Regional Entrepreneurship Project STrategic plan

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