Colibri Kitchen


BUSINESS OWNER:  Rosalind Torres 




WEBSITE:  INSTAGRAM @ colibri_kitchen  

Short description of your business:  

Colibri Kitchen is a business that specializes in producing fresh salsas and beverages, using only fresh fruits and vegetables without using any artificial flavors and preservatives. 

What motivated you to start your business? What drives you each day?  

My business started simply as a hobby, making salsa for friends at our get-togethers. Everyone loved my salsas and some even told me that they were willing to pay me if I made salsa for them to take home.  I happily agreed and began making salsa for them. They shared the salsas with their friends and family and they also fell in love. They would then reach out to me for some salsa and the demand has been growing ever since. When people I have never met before are telling me that they absolutely love my salsa, I realized that I can turn this hobby into something greater.  Everytime I see someone take a taste of my salsas for the first time, I love seeing the reaction on their face as they enjoy its bold flavors. 

What’s unique about your business?  

What makes my business unique is that we truly only use fresh vegetables and fruits without any artificial flavors and preservatives. As far as I am aware, Colibri Kitchen is the only salsa business in Siouxland.  

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as you’ve grown your business?   

The biggest challenge Colibri Kitchen faces as a business is the struggle to meet the increasing demands for my salsas (which can be seen as a good problem to have). While I do get help when it comes to selling my salsas at the Sioux City Farmers Market, I am the only one that produces the salsas and drinks. There is only so much one person can produce in a limited amount of time (I have a full-time job and have to take care of two kids). I hope I will be able to find a way to meet growing demands and ensure everyone would be able to enjoy my salsas. 

What has been your greatest reward?            

My biggest reward has been to have the opportunity to share my passion of making great salsas with other people. Seeing people come to my stand early in the morning just to get some salsa before they run out brings a smile to my face. 

How have you benefited from the startup community in Sioux City and the region? What resources did you use? 

Colibri Kitchen has greatly benefited from the startup community in Sioux City. When Colibri Kitchen won first place in the Sioux City Growth Organization’s Innovation Market, it showed me that my dreams were viable and had potential to grow. The $5000 awarded to me allowed me to get the necessary supplies, equipment and paperwork to make Colibri Kitchen a reality. 

Why is it important for the community to support startups and small businesses? What more can be done to help them? 

There are several reasons why it is important for the community to support local startups and small businesses. I'll give one practical reason and one idealistic reason. 

Practical: If the community supports startups and small businesses, it would lead to an increase of different goods and services to the people of Sioux City. This increase would attract new customers, tourists, and investors. This would, in turn, provide Sioux City with increased revenue and opportunities for growth. 

Idealistic: Having the community support startups and small businesses would create a sense of bonding and unity. It shows that regular people that we know in our daily lives can pursue their dreams and be successful if we believe in them and provide our support. These business owners would return the favor by providing the highest quality products and services. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a business? 

My advice to someone that is looking to start their own business is to never give up. No matter how bleak your prospects look, it can always get better if you keep your head up. It is also important that whenever you or your business do something, it is done with love and respect to both what your makes/provides, and to the people it is meant for. 

How can the community continue to help your business? 

The best way for the community to help my business is simply by continuing to show their love, support and sharing the salsas of Colibri Kitchen with their friends and family. Word of mouth can really go a long way. 

What are some future goals for your company?     

There are few goals in mind for Colibri Kitchen. 

The first goal is to get our own permanent location in Sioux City. This would allow us to hire more people to make great quantities of salsas in order to meet the rising demands. This would also allow our salsas to be readily available any day of the week to our customers as opposed to only once a week at the Farmers Market.  

Our second goal is to establish and strengthen our relationships with other eating establishments by becoming their source for salsas in their menus. This would be mutually beneficial arrangement that would help us all grow together.